A modern approach to
vacuum tube technique 

As a manufacture we can assure, that every unit is an effect of precise, manual hand work.

Solutions we implement are an effect of the research for the best sound, not being another copy of standard circuits
which are 120 years old today!  
We dedicate our units to demanding listeners, proposing delicate sound experience in a modern version.  

Tamesis - integrated

(premiere: Audio Video Show 2023 )

  • 2x KT77 + 2x 6N9S + U77
  • Parabolic Power Bias ™
  • resistor ladder attenuators +/-0.5 %
  • Power: 2x 11,5 W

Inconspicuous unit on anti-vibration spikes,
Single Ended Ultralinear integrated amplifier Works with a tetrode in class-A1. Thanks to PPB™, it controls the bass even in combination with demanding loudspeakers. A proposition for lovers of delicate sound without excessive sound rounding.

Vistula  - integrated

(premiere:  2024 )

  • 2x KT100 + 2x 6SL7GT + GZ34
  • Parabolic Power Bias ™
  • resistor ladder attenuators +/-0.5 %
  • Power: 2x 17 W

Integrated Class A SE-UL. Sound signature - organic midrange and accurate bass thanks to PPB™ implementation. It impresses with its ability to stratify planes and separate the depth of the scene. It has three line inputs and separate terminals for speakers with an impedance of 4 and 8 ohms.

Fluvius - phono MM/MC

(premiere: 2023/2024 )

  • 6x 6N1P + 2x 6N2P + EZ80
  • RIAA type RLC (-0,2dB @ 20Hz)
  • gain: +37dB do +71dB (9 levels)
  • load MC:  50Ω do 500Ω (8 steps)
  • load MM: 48pF do 491pF (8 steps)

A complementary offer, phono preamplifier for MM and MC cartridges. The amplification stages based entirely on electron tubes, not useing transistors / Op Amps in signal path. Unit equipped with remote dedicated to our amplifiers.


Our vision is to develop modern solutions.
Open up the windows in the corridors of old-fashioned tube technology.

                                    Our mission is to create a harmonically rich sound.
                                    A creation giving the excitement with known and intensifying new music.
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